Ross, Class of 2017

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Ross grow up and become a fine young man throughout the last 17 years.  I’m honored that he asked me to do his senior photos and am so proud that we were truly able to capture his personality for his yearbook. If you are a high school senior looking…

Phoebe, Class of 2017

It’s been a pleasure watching Phoebe grow up and become such a confident, passionate young woman.  I am so honored to have had the opportunity to make some senior portraits for her!  

Kiera, Class of 2014

My beautiful cousin Kiera asked me to do her senior portrait photos!  I can’t believe how much she has grown and it was an honor to be able to photograph her for her senior yearbook!  We ended up with over 600 photos over the course of our session, but these are a few of my…

Engagement Photography

I tagged along on an engagement shoot with my work-study boss, Frank Rapant–thanks Frank!!  I was mostly helping him control the sun, but I did do a little shooting of my own.  I’m lucky to have such a great & cool photography mentor 🙂 Some of my pictures: I’d like to get a little more…

Melanie and Olivia

I haven’t updated in a while, but I have been shooting!  My project about sisters from last term’s photography class is definitely not finished…I’m enjoying it too much.  A few weeks ago I took photos of my friend Melanie and her younger sister Olivia.  As I’m sure you can see from these photos, they were…

Cousin Shoot

My grandmother doesn’t have any pictures of all of us grandkids so we finally took some…and it only took twenty-one years to get around to doing it 😉  

The Boys

My cousins, William and Christopher, and their cousins, Matt and Evan.  Photographing these four boys was awfully challenging because of all their energy–but that energy is what also made this photo session so much fun and so worth it!

Ilyena and Kate

These two were so much fun to shoot for my project!  They love each other so much and were so happy to be there–I couldn’t have asked for better models 🙂

Tess and Kate

My Photo 3 project has taken a new turn and instead of “two” it has seemed to become more about siblings.  I recently shot my friends Tess and Kate, who are identical twins.  Not only did I get some great pictures, but I learned a lot about twins too.  I have three sisters of my…