Pinhole, round 2

Pinhole photography….the ultimate experiment.

The first time I tried making a pinhole camera was a flop.  I made it out of a cereal box and while I followed the instructions of the book I had, I’m not entirely convinced the camera was light-tight.  Probably an error in my construction of the camera, since the instructions in the book seemed pretty sound.  I also didn’t really think as much about the composition of the photos and consequently hated every single one that did come out.  I put pinhole photography out of my mind, figuring I’d try it again someday.

Then I received a Christmas present–a really interesting and informative book on pinhole photography and a kit for making a pinhole camera.  Thanks Meghan!  Everything I needed was there: black tape; thick, light-tight cardboard; and pre-measured pieces ready to be cut and assembled.

Commence round 2 of pinhole photography.

It took probably 4 or 5 months to get through the roll of film (a college student’s life is very busy!), I got numerous questions from friends about how it worked (but there’s no button!), and one person commented that it was “cute” that I had made myself a little toy camera (I had to explain it was a real one)…but I would say round 2 was a success!  I ended up with 2 photos I really love and I had a great time building a camera, taking the pictures, and explaining my passion to those willing to listen.

Through the Trees

On the Lake

Just two photos for all that work and all that failure…but that’s why I love film photography.  You put so much more effort into it and you get so much more in return.  It helps you truly appreciate a good photo when you get one.


6 thoughts on “Pinhole, round 2

  1. Nice work. I have taken some pinhole shots. I created a pinhole box that lets you capture the pinhole image projected on wax-paper with a digital camera. There are examples and instructions on my photo and media blogs.

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed this experience and I’ll definitely be taking some more pinhole photos in the future….and thanks for the tip! Will definitely be checking out your blogs!!

  2. I always wanted to try a pin hole camera my self! never got around to doing it though, but I really like the out come of your photos!

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