The Duality of Dance

Our final project in Photo 1 last spring was love/hate.  Shoot something you love, something you hate, or something you both love and hate.  For me, dance was perfect.

“The Duality of Dance”

For the last decade, dance has been a significant part of my life.  Throughout middle school and high school, I spent hours each week dancing, a tradition that has become a part of my college experience as well.  The movement and grace of dance is what makes it a form of art, both beautiful to watch and to be a part of.  It is the elegant movement of dance combined with the true connection with one’s body that made me fall in love with the sport.  Dance has helped me through difficult times, allowing me to forget upsetting events and simply focus my mind and body on this connection and movement.  However, dance has the ability to inspire upsetting events too–catty girls, sore muscles, and injuries are common.  These aspects of the sport have contributed to the feelings of resentment I hold towards dance.  For me, dance embodies the extreme feelings of love and hate and was naturally the perfect subject for my project.

I have sought to capture these opposing feelings in my photos by focusing on the graceful movement unique to dance.  Each photo’s exposure is longer than one second and shows a different form of movement commonly seen in dance, including ones of grace and poise such as the pirouette, and ones of pain, such as falling.  The sequence of photos begins with pictures emphasizing the graceful movement of dance, which is then broken by photos showing the pain of falling, and ends with photos that emphasize the emotion of the dancer herself.


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