Just learned how to use strobe lights.  The Union College Photography Department has two, and if you’re trained in how to use them, you can sign them out.

I’m obsessed.

Can’t wait till I can afford my own.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

Model:  Myself


9 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. This is really cool! I only use natural light (I’m not snotty, promise, it justs work best for me), can you explain this whole “strobe light” business…I’m curious…

    1. Thanks! I too only use natural light or hot lights in the studio, except when I have the chance to sign out my school’s strobe lights. I love them! They are synced to your camera so that they go off when you press the shutter and they’re pretty bright. A lot of people use umbrellas on them; these have pretty large softboxes, which I love for diffusing the light. I turned one off for this photo and turned into the light that was still on. I love these so much for studio work that I think I will soon be investing in some for my home studio!

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